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The Nusah or style of the Spanish and Portuguese liturgical tradition may be characterised as a recitative transmitted over the centuries as an oral tradition by each generation's Hazzan to his successor.
Unlike the eastern Sephardi  traditions which are based on the complex system of Maqamim, the Spanish and Portuguese rite utilises a fixed system of non-metrical but highly defined melodic patterns.
Please click on the following links to hear examples of the Spanish and Portuguese style of recitative.

These soundclips are taken from recordings made at the Jewish Musical Research Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem .
Daniel Halfon is the cantorial consultant to a project examining the liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese Communities under the directorship of Professor Edwin Seroussi  and Dr Essica Marks.
It is hoped that this project will be published in 2010 with an accompanying CD recorded by Daniel Halfon.
Nishmat  -Ve'ilu Finu Malei Shirat Hayam -London Version
Nishmat  -Hen Hem Yodu -New York Version
Yotser -La-el Asher Shabat Mikol Hama'asim -London Version
Shabbat Amidah - Aboth - London Version
Shabbat Amidah - Aboth - Amsterdam Version
Kaddish Le-ela -Before Barechu -Amsterdam Version
Zemirot - Pesukei deZimrah - London Version